Stories of Financial Caregiving

Provide clients and their families with a tool to protect against fraud, scams, misuse, and money mistakes. Add Carefull to your practice and provide the safety net clients are missing: transparency and early awareness to shut down bad behavior.

This money manager was looking for an easier way to keep tabs on his aging clients’ daily finances and provide more protection for them. Carefull was the solution.

She wasn’t interested in managing her mom’s finances, but giving control to her brother proved to be her biggest mistake.

I wanted to help my mom get through this chapter of her life without abandoning her. Being a caregiver is so rewarding—there’s nothing that can make you happier than helping someone else.

She had the opportunity to care for her parents and ventured out on a caregiving journey that would change her life.

Caregivers think we can do it all, we can do it right away, and we can do it alone.

Giving birth to her daughter just as her mother suffered a heart attack makes Sade part of the 'Sandwich Generation'—those who are raising children while caring for their parents.

I wish that someone had told me that caregiving is like a hill. You see the small stuff and then one day you really are the person who is responsible for their well-being.

Richard served as caregiver twice in his life.

Keep an eye out for issues like not knowing how to pay certain bills or taking longer to write checks. It's a sign you need to step in to help because it’s only going to get worse.

The demands of caregiving forced Laura to retire early.

The death rate among caregivers is pretty significant. It’s obviously not just because of caregiving, but with the demands, the stress, and seeing your life savings going away, it’s a real challenge.

Financial scams don’t just come from strangers—sometimes the threat is inside your own family.

Unfortunately the biggest financial fraud came from my own brother. He abandoned our mom and said he wouldn’t come back until she paid him—it was never enough.

Realizing she was the best person to care for her mother and brother helped Jessica embrace caregiving rather than resent it.

In the beginning, I really thought I was going to be able to manage it all. And then as things slowly started to unravel I realized I needed to call in some reinforcements.

He was willing to do whatever it took to lovingly care for his mom with ALS, but his biggest fear was running out of money.

Through our account research, we found that someone had got my mom’s credit card number and was buying Best Buy gift cards. Since it’s the same as cash there was really no recourse.

Gary started helping his mom care for his dad in the 1990s. Now he's her caregiver.

Caring for yourself is job one. It’s not selfish it’s selfless. If you fall apart, who is going to step in and care for your loved one?

He proudly served in the Navy for 20 years, and when his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he was called to serve again.

Everybody is dealing with this problem and almost nobody wants to talk about it, so everyone feels isolated and alone.

Being there for the vulnerable moments, no matter how painful.

The question of 'enough' is really the theme of caregiving. My parents worry about if they will have enough money. I worry that they will have the help and support they need.

On learning how to ask for and say yes to help.

One of the best things I ever did was learn how to ask for and say yes to help. It is probably the single most important thing I do as a caregiver.

She has served as her mother’s financial caregiver ever since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 12 years ago.

Most people don’t want to think about the possibility of needing someone else to take care of them. And most people don’t realize how expensive long term care is.

In one week, she was set on a caregiving journey that would change her life.

That week changed me. I now have a grip on the realities of aging and a newfound respect for what it takes to be a caregiver.

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