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Smart financial account protections, credit, identity and bill monitoring plus daily money organization for you or someone you care about.
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Financial monitoring and alerts.
Carefull analyzes your loved one’s spending, bills, account balances and due dates. If something looks unusual, you’ll get an alert via text and email.

See their entire financial picture.
Connect your loved one’s accounts, and we’ll show you the full picture within seconds. See what money is coming in and going out, which bills are coming up and how much is left in the bank.

Keep others in the loop.
If you’re coordinating with siblings or professionals, you can add them to your “Circle” of support. Collaborate in our app and resolve issues together.

How It Works
Step 1

Connect Their Accounts

Securely connect your loved one’s financial accounts within the app. We’ll never see any usernames or passwords.
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Carefull | The security system for your parents' money
Step 2

Complete Your Circle

You have the option to add your loved one or others who help, such as siblings, partners or professionals. They’ll see what you see, and you can communicate with each other in the app to address issues.
Carefull | The security system for your parents' money
Step 3

Start Getting Alerts

We’ll take it from here. Carefull analyzes your loved one’s bills and spending, looks for due dates and patterns, and lets you know when something needs your attention.
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Carefull | The security system for your parents' money
I am very happy to have Carefull be a ‘second set of eyes’ over my mom’s finances. I feel better knowing that if something should arise, Carefull will alert me and I can then help my mother take quick action.
I don’t know another app like it... In addition to monitoring bank accounts and transactions at a level of granularity I don't get from my bank, there is a nice repository of guides and information about being a caretaker!
I've been helping my grandmother with her finances for a few years. Carefull has really been a time saver. I used to sift through credit card statements every few weeks and this app pretty much automated all of that work for me.
Max Goldman & Todd Rovak, Co-Founders of Carefull
Building simpler tools for financial caregiving isn’t just about money. It’s about bringing families closer together.
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Always Private.
Always Secure.

We understand that being a financial caregiver means maintaining a sacred trust with your loved one. We believe our duty to you and your family is the same.

Carefull connects to financial accounts using bank-level security. Our systems are never able to see or store usernames or passwords. We protect your data as if it were our own and use it only to provide our services. We will never sell or share it.
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