Always Private.
Always Secure.

We understand that being a financial caregiver means maintaining a sacred trust. We believe our duty to you and your family is the same. That’s why we take security seriously and, from our very beginning, have worked to ensure your data is and will always be safe and secure.

How do you secure my data?


Carefull uses bank-level 256-bit encryption to store and transmit your data over the internet.

Multi Factor Authentication

We verify your account with a unique code sent only to your mobile device.


You can optionally enable the biometric security on your device so that each session with the Carefull app can be secured with your face or fingerprint.

What services do you work with?


We partner with Plaid to access the data from the financial institutions you link. Plaid is a financial technology company used by most banks and personal finance management applications in the US, including Venmo, Chime and Betterment. This means we never have access to your bank credentials (username and password), and we cannot store them. We maintain “read-only” access so we cannot move money or change anything about your account. And you maintain full control — you can revoke Carefull’s access to your accounts at any time.


We manage our systems securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) a provider trusted by Nasdaq, Dow Jones, the Department of Defense and thousands of other firms.
We also take your privacy seriously. We do not sell your data, and use it only to provide our services to you. You can read our full privacy policy here.

If you have questions about Carefull’s security or privacy, reach out to us at