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Get your digital safety deposit box: the most secure space to organize the passwords and documents that matter. Replace hacked passwords with secure ones and store them safely. Organize that document pile with a few clicks. Control what you share with Trusted Contacts.

Secure passwords in one place

Our bad habits — reusing passwords, or that hand-written notepad — make us vulnerable. Finally, organize and upgrade hacked passwords in a single click, with AES256 military-grade encryption so secure that it’s impossible even for our systems to see your information.

Make those critical documents, organized and accessible

Our most important documents — from tax returns and insurance policies to wills and trusts  — deserve digital security to match. The military-grade Vault, with the help of Carefull’s smart suggestions, gets things safely in order. 

Emergency contacts are now emergency-ready

Important contacts are only useful if they can be easily shared with those who need them. Carefull’s smarter Contacts takes these out of the kitchen drawer and puts them at your fingertips.

Experience it for yourself

Try Carefull for free for 30 days, and feel confident you’re in good hands.

Smart Money Awards:
The Best Financial Apps and Services of 2021

“I am very happy to have Carefull be a ‘second set of eyes’ over my mom’s finances. As someone who is in the financial services industry, I have seen the damage to people’s finances and identity that can result from fraud and abuse. I feel better knowing that if something should arise, Careful will alert me and I can then help my mother take quick action.”

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Always private. Always secure.

Carefull connects to financial accounts using 256-bit, bank-level security, and every piece of data in your Vault is encrypted using AES256 military-grade encryption — so secure that it’s impossible even for our systems to see your information.

Our service is view-only, meaning we can never make transactions in your accounts, access information in your Vault, or see any of your usernames or passwords. We protect your data as if it were our own and use it only to provide our services. We will never sell or share it.

For more information on how Carefull keeps your data secure, safe, and private, visit our dedicated Privacy & Security page. 

We are proud to receive an A rating from the Better Business Bureau

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