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“I am very happy to have Carefull be a ‘second set of eyes’ over my mom’s finances. As someone who is in the financial services industry, I have seen the damage to people’s finances and identity that can result from fraud and abuse. I feel better knowing that if something should arise, Careful will alert me and I can then help my mother take quick action.”

- Dawn Torres-Gale

“I don’t know another app like it... In addition to monitoring bank accounts and transactions at a level of granularity I don't get from my bank, there is a nice repository of guides and information about being a caretaker!”

- Jiaqi Gao

"I've been helping my grandmother with her finances for a few years. Carefull has really been a time saver. I used to sift through credit card statements every few weeks and this app pretty much automated all of that work for me."

- Daniel S.

"It saves me so much time by aggregating all my parents accounts in one app. No more logging into multiple websites DAILY and/or patiently waiting for monthly statements that may arrive weeks after there is trouble in an account. For anyone, and I know there are a lot of us out there, helping their parents manage their finances, this is a godsend."

- John Cooper


Answers to the most common questions we receive about Carefull and our platform for financial caregivers.