Carefull for
Care Managers

Provide clients and their families with a tool to protect against fraud, scams, misuse, and money mistakes.

Add Carefull to your practice to save caregivers time, ensure client independence, and scale your business with a powerful new offer.

Save caregivers time.

No more logging in and hunting for fraud or mistakes; see the entire financial picture in seconds.

Make a bigger impact at a lower price.

Carefull costs less per year than one single hour of daily money management.

Read exclusive financial caregiving guidance.

Weekly, up-to-date guides and tips on topics like how to protect seniors from the latest scams, designed to help you manage and communicate care.


Connect your loved one’s accounts, and we’ll show you the full picture within seconds. See what money is coming in and going out, which bills are coming up and how much is left in the bank.


Simple communication tools to surface issues and streamline collaboration amongst stakeholders, including siblings, adult children, and aging parents.


Our 256-bit, bank-level security systems allow Carefull to discover and analyze issues without accessing client funds or sharing client data.

Long-Term Planning

Planning assistance provides clients with content, advice and community support for tough questions about long-term financial health.

We’ll get you client-ready.
Your free trial includes everything you need to get your care management group's clients running on Carefull.

Onboarding and Training
Our team will personally onboard you into our Pro Dashboard and help you invite existing clients to their personal account.

Dedicated account manager
A member of our team will be directly responsible for ongoing training and technical support.

Custom billing and invoicing
We’ll work with you during your trial to understand the billing option that best suits your practice, whether that’s a corporate card, a wire transfer, or an ACH invoice.

Continuous compliance
Our automated compliance systems ensure that your and your clients' data is protected, 24/7.

Client-facing marketing
We’ll make it easy to explain Carefull’s benefits to clients and their caregivers, with brochures, guides, and a regular feed of content on aging money matters.

Access to the experts
Our financial caregiving experts will provide you the latest insight into financial caregiving issues, from industry best practices to potential scams.

I am very happy to have Carefull be a ‘second set of eyes’ over my mom’s finances. I feel better knowing that if something should arise, Carefull will alert me and I can then help my mother take quick action.
I don’t know another app like it... In addition to monitoring bank accounts and transactions at a level of granularity I don't get from my bank, there is a nice repository of guides and information about being a caretaker!
I've been helping my grandmother with her finances for a few years. Carefull has really been a time saver. I used to sift through credit card statements every few weeks and this app pretty much automated all of that work for me.
See it in action.
Watch a live demo exploring Carefull’s Pro Dashboard, from onboarding to alert management.
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