Carefull helps you protect and coordinate your loved ones’ finances and manage their daily money matters.

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Carefull makes it easier.

Caregiving is challenging in so many ways. We do everything we can to support and protect our loved ones, but we can get overwhelmed — especially when it comes to daily financial monitoring and management. Tasks such as ensuring that bills are paid and vigilantly checking for account errors and fraud are tricky and time consuming.

Carefull makes it easier

We care because you care.

Created by caregivers, Carefull looks out for your loved ones’ finances 24/7. Our app reviews each and every transaction to ensure their finances are protected. And it makes your job as a caregiver easier because you can see all of your loved ones’ accounts in one place.

When something’s wrong, Carefull alerts you.

Carefull’s technology learns how your loved ones use money. Then, we can shine a light on potential fraud or scams, while helping you to detect mistakes or misunderstandings. We alert you to problems instantly so they can be resolved quickly.

A Circle of Support

A Circle of Support.

A Carefull Circle helps you bring together family members and professionals within the app to simplify coordination and communication. Work seamlessly together to share and address a loved ones' financial problem or concern. No more awkward calls or misunderstandings.

Always Private. Always Secure.

Security is top of mind, especially for caregivers. Carefull connects to financial accounts using bank-level security. Our systems are never able to see or store your credentials (usernames and passwords), and we maintain read-only access to analyze transactions and send alerts. We protect your data as if it were our own and use it only to provide our services. We will never sell it.


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